Saturday, October 31, 2009

secret #1 : i hate that my friend gets what ever she wants
secret #2: i miss my old bestfriend bree
secret #3: i am jealous of my friend that gets what ever she wants.
secret #4: i think im fat and im 5'3 and weigh 105 pounds.
secret #5: i cant say iv never thought about suicide
secret #6: sometimes i wonder if ill be alone for the rest of my life
secret #7: i some times hate my friend for no reason
secret #8: i wish i could have last year back
secret #9: sometimes i think what it would be like if i wasnt even born
secret #10: sometimes i secretly wish my friend that gets what ever she wants
would get her heart broken just to see what it feels like.
secret #11: i hate my body and find it to be the reason i am very unattractive.
secret #12: if i could change anything i would change everything but my family
secret #13: some days i dont even want to get out of bed because i know im about to
put on a happy show for every one.
secret #14: sometimes when i get dressed in the morning i cry because i dont like what
i see in the mirror
secret #15: i cant spell
secret #16: i hurt my friends feelings only because she annoys me then i feel bad about it later
secret #17: sometimes i don't feel bad
secret #18: i will never fall in love because no one will love me
secret #19: i question if love exist
secret #20: i know that know one truly cares about what i have to say

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